Benefit Assistance

Did you know you can receive financial assistance from various State funded programs?

Navigating the long term care system could be a daunting task. Many of our residents are not aware of the benefits they are eligible to receive at no additional cost to them. As part of the services provided by Mama Llama Assisted Living, we assist with providing you you with all the information about the applicable benefits and how to get them.

These benefits are valued at thousand of dollars each month, and make a huge difference in the care that can be offered to your loved one. Making sure you maximize your eligibility is a crucial step in assisting your loved one to age with joy and dignity.


We're partnered with professionals, who regularly assist families by finding legal and ethical solution that unlock enormous benefits for many years. Reach out for a free consultation!


Long Term Care Medicaid eligibility in The State of Florida has strict standards. Those include countable assets, max gross income and more.

If you believe you’re loved one is ineligible, or even if they were denied in the past, there is still much that can be done. 


Army Veterans and some of their family members are eligible to financial assistance to pay their long term care expenses.

Many residents are able to combine both Medicaid and VA subsidies to pay off their entire monthly bill, in addition to many other medical benefits. 


Medicare can supplement your loved ones care by providing an individual plan of care, doctor visits, outpatient services, occupational and physical therapy, prescription drug coverage and more.

Also, you me be eligible to quarterly allowance for OTC personal care products, dental care, free meals, fresh produce and more!

Whether you end up moving in to one of our facilities or not, We will gladly guide you navigate the system that your loved ones receives the robust financial and medical assistance.
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