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I’m writing this review, without any embellishments, only based upon my personal experience and observations. I thank God every day that I made a right decision and placed Mom in Mama Llama facility. My Father and I, we took care of Mom with Alzheimer’s disease and severe osteoporosis for 3.5 years. Last year my Father passed on and 2 weeks after his death my Mom fell down. At that time I was in the hopes to hire a live -in help and both of us continue to take care Mom at home. Unfortunately this was not the case. She required constant care, that I came to realization, it would be impossible for me to give her adequate care. I found Mama Llama facility that was close to me and did not have institutional environment . This was a blessing! Actually Mama Llama has a ” home away from home” feeling. Very clean and lovely rooms. Residents eat together at the tables and served with home made meals- family style. They have activities , beautiful court yard with fountain, gazebo and surround sound, that my Mom very much enjoy. On her good memory day she told me “I like it here” Every resident receives individual care, on one to one bases. The staff is utmost attentive , compassionate to all their needs with superb care. The staff has been very responsive to any of my concerns too. When I come and visit my Mom, I see her happy, peaceful and content . I see this not only with my mom, but noticed all the other residents seemed to be relaxed and happy. Love the atmosphere, they encourage all residents to get out and join together. Now I have much less stress knowing that my Mom is getting excellent care. I would give them 10 out of 10 on every aspect of their care and highly recommend Mama Llama facility.
Bonnie S.
"I'm happy to know that all my mom's needs are being met at Mama Llama. She gets assistance with her meals, medication and doctor's appointments. I have peace of mind knowing she is safe and well cared for." - S.B.
Samantha Barker
"It gives me peace of mind knowing mom has a safe, comfortable place to live with all of her day-to-day needs met." - D.R.
Diana Richards
"Mama Llama, the staff, and of course the residents, have greatly assisted with my mom's improved health and socialization. The food is made lovingly and from scratch! They also fixed up my Mom's meds, and reduced her symptoms because they cared enough to tell the doctor of her difficulties. Mom is literally better off there than she would be at home."-A.M
Amanda Majoti
"I brought my mother to Mama Llama over a year ago. We had cared for her at home with 24/7 health aides. However, in time it was too much for the single aide to move her from bed to chair, etc. We heard about this facility thru a senior placement advisor that I had been speaking to for several years. She recommended this as the best solution to our situation. My mom has her own room and bathroom, though I know there are also doubles. I had to remotely place my mom during Covid, which was very difficult for me to do. My greatest concern was would she have the same care as when there was only her one on one aid at home. Very quickly I leaned that whenever my mom called out for someone, she was attended to right away. The people who run the facility and take care of the residence are compassionate and caring. Whenever I have been there it is very clean. The biggest surprise (and one of my big concerns) was that she wouldn’t like the food. To my delight she told me she did. In a short time, my mother acclimated to the schedule they have to wake, wash and feed the residents. She was also kept busy during the day which was terrific. When at home she slept quite a bit, so at night she was up frequently. Now, she sleeps thru the night. I feel very good having her at Mama Llama. I know she is safe and well taken care of. "- A.B
My mom has dementia and has been living here for almost 5 years. The staff are wonderful and take very good care of mom. She is always clean and has gained weight since a hospital stay early 2020. They have a wonderful back yard with a gazebo for getting fresh air. Thanks to them my mom is still thriving at almost 93.❤
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